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Earthlings Reportback by christine
October 23, 2009, 10:08 am
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Thanks to everyone that made it to our Earthlings screening on Tuesday night! I know it is a difficult film to watch, and I commend you all for making it through the entire documentary. So many people are determined to remain ignorant to the suffering of animals on this planet at our hand, thank you for refusing to accept business as usual.

For those that did not get to see it, Earthlings is definitely a film that EVERYONE should see. You can watch the entire documentary free online. It is a powerful and enlightening film addressing the ways in which humans exploit animals for food, clothing, scientific research, entertainment, and as pets. This documentary teaches us what animals endure every day for our lavish and selfish demands. They do not have the option to turn away from the truth, and neither should we. It will change how you view the world and your fellow earthlings. Please watch it. Click the banner below to see the full length feature.


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This is an amazing film it changed my life 2 years ago

Comment by lukerose

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