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Happy Halloween! by christine
October 31, 2009, 3:27 am
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Have a Happy Halloween! Get ready…tomorrow is World Vegan Day!

Flesh is for Zombies!

*Remember to keep your kitties inside today, so no human goblins snatch them! 😦

Eat Vegan Candy.

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Um… zombies eat you alive… they don’t kill you and then eat you. When’s the last time you saw someone chewing on a live cow unless they were mentally insane? I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the cause… just pointing out basic zombie facts…

Comment by D.A.

About your remark that zombies eat their prey alive. Yes its true that (if they really existed) they would do that and we do not eat our animals alive. We just put them through lives of sheer unadulterated torture and misery before finally killing them. If you did to the average 2 year old human…about the mental age of a lot of the NON-HUMAN animals we kill (we are animals also) the jail sentence would be five hundred thousand years bseneath a prison or a hundred years in the electric chair. Anf none of the media would EVER, EVER stop playing the footage or the horror stories about it. Every day in AMerica and all over the world a holocaust plays over and over and over and over. We do things no self-respecting zombie would contemplate.

Comment by ellen Hatch

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