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OTCA Benefit for Animal & Earth Liberation Prisoners! by christine

Open the Cages! Benefit Conference

Open the Cages Alliance (OTCA) a nonprofit organization operating in DC and Baltimore works to expose and end animal cruelty through targeted campaigns and outreach. They will be hosting their second annual Open the Cages Conference on Saturday, August 14th. Last year the event raised over $1,000 for members of the AETA6 and the documentary Skin Trade, and is sure to be even more successful this year. Come out and show your support for those risking their lives and the animals they fight for!

Mark your calendar for an evening of music, speakers, vegan food and fun! There will be a silent auction and a raffle, and this event will benefit activists imprisoned for fighting for animals and our planet.



  • Masakari, politically charged crust punk with both anti-war and animal rights themes, hailing from Cleveland, OH.
  • Peregrine, Peregrine is an anarcho-primitivist/savagist death metal band based out of southwestern PA. Fueled by a love of wildness and solidarity with the lives of those directly confronted by the cannibalistic cycles of necessary growth of civilization. The purpose has been simple; spreading the directed hatred of civilization as a critique rather than a collection of misanthropic notions and undermining the domesticating process that is constantly reinforced in our lives.
  • “Aware and Outraged” Ron Kipling Williams, a socially conscious spoken word artist, political activist, educator, and freelance journalist. Williams continuously features in numerous social justice and human rights fundraisers and awareness concerts, and serves as a grassroots organizer on issues such as education, labor, youth, political, and civic engagement. In 1995, he received an African American Unsung Hero Award by Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke for his work as an artist and activist.

When: Saturday August 14, 4:00-10:00pm
Where: St. Stephens Church, 1525 Newton Street NW (corner of 16th and Newton), Washington DC
Admission: $10
Contact: For more information please contact

Volunteers are needed for this event, so please email if you can help out!