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Meeting Notes: Plans for Spring Semester 2010 by christine
December 17, 2009, 10:11 pm
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* ARC will continue to meet weekly, look for the schedule survey to be sent out December 18th. We will focus more on discussing animal rights theory, sporadically reading supporting documents, and educating about the problems with factory farming.

* Major Campaigns: Protesting Ringling Bros. Circus, establishing a Student Choice Policy at GMU so that students can opt out of dissection, increasing vegan and vegetarian food options on campus, and as always, spreading awareness about animal rights issues. See tentative schedule of events for details.

* Increasing vegan options of campus: email me if you have suggestions and I will pass them along to dining services. What do you want to see – vegan ice cream, vegan cheese pizza? Also, you can always stuff the “Suggestion Box” at Southside with demands for vegan options.

* Compassion for Animals would like to host their Pay-Per-View of “Meet Your Meat” at GMU once a month!

* ARC will continue to work with The Communes, hosting potlucks and other community-building events. Details have yet to be worked out, but perhaps we can aim for once monthly events – at a minimum.

* We’ve been approved to stock free Vegetarian Starter Kits (magazine format) in the JC wooden newspaper bins where the City Paper and Express are distributed.

* Outreach: kiosking, leafleting, tabling, film screenings, feed-ins, class raps, petitions, Broadside articles and letters to the editor

* Film screenings, vegan bake sales, and other community-building events


* Ringling Bros. Circus Protest Campaign

Last year the local animal rights community and GMU students protested EVERY Ringling show, we will do that again this coming semester. In order for us to get Ringling kicked off of our campus, we need to show widespread support for these magnificent animals that Ringling brutalizes daily! They are denied all natural instincts and the elephants show the telltale signs of insanity such as head-bobbing and rocking. Ringling has no right to hold these animals against their will, defile their rights to exist without suffering, and force them to perform cruel tricks with the force of a bullhook. They travel 11 months out of the year, in climates that are very different from those they are native to. Their month of rest is no sanctuary either, the animals are still confined to small cages and this is the most intensive time of their training. When there is no one watching, Ringling trainers can do whatever they want to these animals to achieve their means, they often take out their frustration on the animals in cruel and unusual ways. Unfortunately, many Ringling employees are also ex-cons or pedophiles because a job that entails traveling 11 months out of the year is not one that many people wish to pursue.

If you would like to see undercover footage of Ringling training for yourself, visit the “Videos and Documentaries” section of our blog. Also, visit for more information about animal circuses. Continue reading