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Know Your Rights! by christine

Thanks to the Hippo House Book Collective (Frederick, Maryland) and a badass lawyer in a Mass Movement of the Moth t-shirt for providing an insightful and informative “Know Your Rights” training. Cops lie, lawyers lie – it’s up to you to know your shit! Here are some resources…

The Midnight Law Collective has a bunch of KYR information sheets, including:

Dealing with the Police

Basic Legal Info

“Know Your Rights” Trainer’s Manual

Other Resources:

If An Agent Knocks – by the Center for Constitutional Rights

Operation Backfire: Legal Manual for Animal Rights and Environmental Activists – by the National Lawyers Guild

Demonstration Manual – DC Justice and Solidarity Collective

ACLU Know Your Rights Card

Analysis of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)  by Will Potter,

Animal Rights Activists Face Higher Sentences than Racist Cross Burners by Will Potter (and rapists, and murderers…)