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Fur Free Friday Reportback by christine

A coalition of animal rights groups brought together protestors from all over the east coast to encourage companies and consumers to go fur-free on buy nothing day. The fur industry is particularly heinous, with animals living their lives in intense confinement that leads to insanity before they are often skinned alive. Solely for the name of fashion. Don’t be a fur hag, go fur-free. And educate others about these atrocities.

Protestors at Saks Jandel, Friendship Heights.

Protestors at Dior were accosted by Police. Always protecting property, not First Amendment rights or animals.

Video Still: Protester Accosted by Police

See Why Wearing Fur is Fucked Up for more information.

Why Wearing Fur is Fucked Up by christine
November 13, 2009, 4:34 pm
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Each year over 50 million animals are murdered for fashion by the fur industry. Around the world that number is even higher. The majority of the animals spend their entire lives on fur farms in filthy, cramped conditions where every natural instinct is denied to them. Animals on fur farms often show telltale signs of insanity such as nervous pacing, self-mutilation, and cannibalism. In the end, these animals die a painful death at the hands of the fur farmer.

For the millions of animals trapped in the wild, their fate is no better. Often animals caught in traps attempt to chew off their own legs to escape; some bleed to death before the trapper arrives; and others succumb to predators while trapped. Not to mention, cats, dogs and other “non-target” animals are often caught in these traps as well. Unwanted, these animals are thrown away or set free with fatal injuries. For the animals that do survive until the trapper arrives, death is inevitable.

Animals are killed for their fur using such methods as gassing, trapping, anal or vaginal electrocution, neck breaking, stomping, clubbing or drowning. As their skin is being torn from their muscle they are often still moving and fighting for their lives. Numerous animals continue to move once they are discarded – skinless – afterward. To make one fur coat the following number of animals suffer and die:

12-15 lynx

10-15 wolves or coyotes

15-20 foxes

35 rabbits

60-80 mink

27-30 raccoons

10-12 beavers

60-100 squirrels

200 chinchillas

Fur: There’s NO Excuse.

Fur Free Friday, November 27th DC Protests

Join us for legal demonstrations and us your voice to fight for those that are brutally silenced.

10:30 am to Noon: Norwegian Embassy at 2720 34th St. NW DC  (Why Norway?)

1:00 to 3:00 pm: Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Max Mara, & Sax Fifth Avenue, upper Wisconsin Ave. NW DC

This footage was taken from Chinese fur farms.