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Dairy Cruelty – Land O’Lakes Supplier Exposed by christine
October 2, 2009, 2:28 pm
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A video release from an undercover investigation into the atrocities of the dairy industry, released by PETA.

“The mothers bellow out and mourn for their stolen infants, over and over again, but their suffering is ignored, and the process keeps repeating, until the mothers’ bodies are so worn down that they too are dragged off to the slaughterhouse to become hamburger. And none of this, in the dairy industry, is “cruelty.” It’s the very premise of the dairy industry. It’s what must happen for people to get dairy products, from anywhere. For humans to have cows’ milk, mothers and babies must be traumatized, babies must be slaughtered as babies, and mothers must be slaughtered when they’re no longer profitable.”  

– Stephanie Ernst, excerpt from

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