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NIH Funding Nicotine Testing on Animals by christine

Is the National Institute of Health (NIH) really tobacco free? This looks like false advertising to me…

Tobacco Free NIH?


Just one more reason to quit smoking…

NIH-Funded Nicotine Testing on Animals

by Stephanie Ernst for

Perhaps you’ve noticed in the last few days that one of the actions currently featured in the sidebar is “Tell the NIH to Stop Testing Nicotine on Animals.” For those of you who haven’t read the summary there yet, I’ll repeat my brief introduction to the action, sponsored by In Defense of Animals (IDA):

Researchers in the United States, with the help of millions of taxpayer dollars and the support of the federal government and National Institutes of Health (NIH), are still conducting cruel nicotine experiments on helpless animals—pregnant and newborn monkeys as well as rats and mice—even though the harmful effects of smoking are already well-known.

The first time I learned that the tobacco industry and federal government both are still funding nicotine and smoking experiments on animals (this campaign relates to just one area of such testing; there are more), I was stunned.

Many proponents of animal testing and medical research are fond of arguing that such testing and experiments are performed only when necessary—only when tests on animals are the supposedly best, most reliable option we have, only when the experiments’ results could lead to significant human benefits, and only when the potential benefit to humans outweighs the harm to the nonhuman animals used in the tests.

What-the-hell-ever. IDA points out, “Animal experiments failed to demonstrate that exposure to cigarettes and tobacco smoke caused lung and other forms of cancer, which is now undisputed in humans.” Yet conducting intensely cruel experiments on mother and newborn monkeys is our best, most reliable method of addressing the issue of smoking during pregnancy? How does the extreme harm to these monkeys not outweigh the potential benefit to humans when we already know that pregnant mothers should not smoke and when the ability of such experiments to predict results in humans has been disproven rather than proven?

Sign the Petition to Stop NIH Nicotine Testing on Animals

Beagles being forced to inhale smoke for tobacco research.

OHSU Nicotine Experiments on Animals (non-graphic)

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Primate Liberation Week Reportback by christine
October 23, 2009, 10:18 am
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Primate Liberation Week Protest! by christine

To hold those responsible for the atrocities against primates, we will be protesting the National Institute of Health on Wednesday, October 21st. The NIH is the primary agency of the US government responsible for biomedical and health-related research, and funds highly redundant, inhumane, and wasteful vivisection. The NIH has funded the experiments of Johns Hopkins, Yale, University of Washington, and UCLA. Examples of their cruelty can be seen in the “Primate Liberation Week” post below, or at Stop Animal Experimentation Now.

Come out and raise your voice for them! Their screams are silenced.


Meet at Old Georgetown Road & West Cedar Lane, Bethesda MD – 4 to 6 pm. Bring comfortable walking shoes and a loud voice!

Metro: Take the Red Line (toward Shady Grove) to the Medical Center station. From station, walk North toward West Cedar Lane. Take a left on West Cedar Lane and walk until you hit Old Georgetown Road. It’s about a mile walk, or you can take the bus.

Let Dr. Francis S. Collins, Director of NIH know that you do not approve of him committing these archaic atrocities against primates in your name and with your tax dollars.

Dr. Francis S. Collins, Director of NIH

301-496-2433 |