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World Vegan Day! by christine
November 1, 2009, 12:00 pm
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Today celebrates the 65th anniversary of the founding of The Vegan Society. Go vegan today and start living more compassionately! For the animals, for your health, and for the environment! Start saving the world…

Why Vegan? 

Free Vegan Starter Guide, PDF (which includes recipes).

Do they live this way for YOU?

Do it for her…

…or them…

Veal Crates

…or them!

Learn more about the founding of veganism and World Vegan Day! 

they have families too!


World Go Vegan Week by christine

October 25th through 31st is World Go Vegan Week! Declared by In Defense of Animals (IDA) this week leads up to World Vegan Day on November 1st. 

Everyone should use this week to try being cruelty-free and debunk some of the myths about a vegan diet for themselves. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of going vegan, what better time than now? We have plenty of resources on our blog to help you transition to a vegan diet, including vegan menu plans and recipes. There is also a list of restaurants with vegan options in VA/DC/MD available at If you have any questions about veganism, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Week Menu of Vegan Recipes. Or our “Vegan Eatin’ on a Budget” page includes a list of cheap vegan menu options by COK.

Visit our “Why Vegan” page and Why Vegan? for more information. Watch Earthlings if you need to see more. 

ARC will be having a Halloween Vegan Bake Sale on October 27th to celebrate, with proceeds going to Farm Sanctuary, which advocates for and rescues farm animals that would otherwise be slaughtered. We will have cupcakes, brownies, cookies, Dr. Verardo’s famous scones, banana bread, vegan rice crispy treats – and more! Yum! 11 to 4pm, Johnson Center Plaza – George Mason University, Fairfax.