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Sign Our Ringling Bros. Circus Petition!

If you’re a member of the George Mason Community (student, faculty, or staff) PLEASE sign our petition against animal acts on our campus!

For more information about CIRCUSES.

Below is the text of the petition:

No Animal Circuses at Mason

In order for animals to perform circus tricks, they are beaten with metal bull hooks, shocked with electrical devices, tied down with ropes, and whipped. They are either stolen from their natural habitat in the wild, or they are bred in captivity and removed from their mothers before their first birthday.

These animals spend their lives in chains and travel eleven months of the year, through weather conditions considerably different from their native habitats. The remaining month is spent in a facility where the animals receive some of the most brutal training, out of the view of the public.

A lifetime spent on concrete or idling in tights cells, results in numerous physical and psychological ailments, such as osteoarthritis, tuberculosis, poor caging and housing conditions, and/or insanity. These health issues frequently lead to the premature deaths of the animals through euthanasia, long before they would have reached their natural lifespan.

We, the students and faculty of George Mason University, do not support the abuse of animals on our campus, especially for the sake of entertainment. We demand that George Mason University ban animal circuses on our campus.


The students and faculty of George Mason University”


Email your NAME (first and last), GMU Email Address (we will NOT email you), your MAJOR, and YEAR (junior, senior, graduate, etc.).

If you are faculty or staff: email us your Name, GMU Email Address, Department and either Faculty or Staff.

Send emails to


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I would like to contribute to animal health and well-being by signing this petition. Ringling Bros. should be ashamed of themselves.

Comment by Kathryn Spoelstra

Treating animals like a commodity, beating them to perform, and all for entertainment and a few measly bucks is despicable. We have seen how you operate. Please stop now.

Comment by Amber Thady

This is totally repugnant and barbaric.
No animal should be treated that way.
Noone was born to be a toy on humans’ hands.
You are simply despicable.

Comment by Norah Andre

I DO not support the abuse of animals of any kind, we need to tell them to STOP.

Comment by Lucilia Gramacho

This must stop. Men must leave animals alone, in peace!

Comment by Luiz Henrique Araujo

I am so sad and angry to still see animals being used in the circus. When will people see this is not correct. The circus is a place we go for entertainment with our children!! why do we have to see animals which should be free. Is this how we set an example!!! My daughter is now 9yrs old I have explained why we dont go to the circus and she has grown up to understand how animals should live, in their own habitat. I wish I could do more to free these animals.

Comment by Kate Giminiani

It is horrible to see animals being treated this way merely for entertainment. I don’t understand how this cruelty (and support of this cruelty) still goes on!

Comment by Moriah O

[…] Sign Our Ringling Bros. Circus Petition! […]

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[…] Sign Our Ringling Bros. Circus Petition! […]

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In this day in age, animals should no longer be used for the entertainment of adults, like they were in barbaric times.

Comment by Sandra Murillo

Please help stop the use of innocent animals in the circus!! Please!

Comment by Sandra Murillo

This school allowing animal abusers on campus to make a lousy buck is sickening. So many forms of art and culture and you reduce yourselves to allowing this hideous baby elephant beating group into your arena. Shame on you !!!! Karma will come knocking on your doors , it will haunt you some how some way. I will never allow my children or grandchildren to have anything to do with your school . Horror show and it’s real!!!!!

Comment by Norma Whittaker

The horror of another University promoting abuse such as Penn with child abuse and Mason with animal abuse. You people are sick and quite MAD!!!!

Comment by Norma Whittaker

Compassion for animals ,Georg Mason not brutality

Comment by Norma Whittaker

Animal cruelty should not be for kids . Abused animals is not a form of entertainment. More human tricks !!! Leave the animals in there natural habitat. We need to educate the public. Funding for a documentary to show on CNN like with Blackfish. Dogs , horses , zebras , elephants , tigers and lions ALL BEATEN and TORTURED!!! A trip to the park with kids would be better entertainment and much more meaningful .

Comment by Norma Whittaker

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