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I’m not big on capitalism, not to mention purchasing items that destroy the lives of others. The nice thing about vegan shops is that they often care about the rights of all animals – both human and non-human!

Remember to visit your local thrift stores for tons of vegan finds and learn to upcycle found items DIY style!

Vegan and Vegetarian Shopping

Vegan Etsy! Marketplace 

Support DIY artisans, crafters, and people making a living with their own two hands and not off the backs of others. Find everything from vegan soaps and food items, to vegan doggie treats and upcycled/recycled clothing. 

Pangea: The Vegan Store – Rockville, MD

A vegan owned and operated store/online retailer providing all of the vegan essentials and hard to find items. Their products include vegan clothing and shoes, vitamins, food items, junkfood, cosmetics, body care, vegan condoms, books and even gift baskets (ask Mom and Dad send you one as a care package!). 

Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe – Marietta, GA

A vegan owned and operated online store which provides cruelty-free and sweat-shop free products, including food items, shoes, clothing, books, and more!

Food Fight! Grocery – Portland, OR

Grocery store and online retailer that provides “Grade-A Vegan Junkfood,” including chocolates, baked goods, meat replacers, candy, faux cheeses, healthy snacks, zines and more! 

Herbivore Clothing – Portland, OR

Cuteness abounds at this online shop, which is home to Herbivore magazine, clothing, books, and other printed matter.

Moo Shoes – New York, NY

Vegan Essentials – Waukesha, WI 

Alternative Outfitters – Pasadena, CA

Vegan Chic – Tarzana, CA

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also SimpleShoes has a lot of vegan and eco-friendly clothing and shoes

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